Signs you're in love

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1. You don't care when they eat off your plate or sharing eating utensils with them.

2.  You feel protective over them. You like to hold their hand when walking into an event, or call to make sure they get home safely when you're not with them.

3. You associate their perfume/cologne as being strictly their scent. And you even go as far as to spraying it on your sweatshirt when you can sneak a spray in their bathroom, or when you find it in stores.

4. You find strange ways to tell other girls/guys to stay away.

5. You'll never let her drive when the two of you are together.

6. You do things you normally wouldn't want to do- like help them move, go to the suburbs, walk 8 blocks out of your way.

7. You're not grossed out thinking about them using the bathroom...

8. You plan things with them that are more than 3-4 weeks out in the future.

9. You check their social media like clockwork. (Yes, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murrary are an exception)

10. You read things with the title "signs you're in love." HA HA


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