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Although the name, details, and website will be disclosed later this week, I will clue you guys in to what is going on! One of my best friends and I are starting a personal styling, personal shopping, and closet organization company. We will also specialize in beauty and fashion consulting as well as event planning and hosting. 

This company will not interfere with Celebritized in Chicago. My blog will stay exactly the same, and I will still be posting every day Monday-Friday. The two companies are in the same industry and will compliment each other very well! Check back later this week for a link to the website, I am very excited for you all to see. xoxo 


  1. Looking forward to all your adventures!!

  2. https://sofielegarth.blogspot.com/2010/09/nyt-betrk-til-renseribjlerne.html?showComment=1491811351707#c6941007501709861095


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