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maxi skirt leather vest

I always think of September and the beginning of October as somewhat "awkward" fashion months. It's too premature to throw on sweaters, booties, vests, and all of the other fun trends that come along with Fall, but is also too late to be wearing short shorts and flip flops at all times. I've been trying to find the best ways to "transition" over to the next season. Maxi skirts are a key transitioning piece. You can wear them with ankle booties and tank tops to transition over, and have disposable pieces (light coat, sweater) on call if needed to go with it. Also, vests can be worn with nothing under them at this time. What are some of your favorite summer pieces you want to bring with you in to fall? 


  1. love the maxi skirt with booties trend!

  2. Your vest is so cute! Where can I get it?


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