How to lock her down

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1. There's no generic formula for how much to call, text, or ask to see a girl that you are casually (or even seriously) dating. You have to be able to use some major common sense, and be capable of taking a serious hint. Some girls it's fine to text them 4 times before they can even take a sip of their morning cappuccino, other's will actually fall in love with you if you ignore them for a day.

2. Be social, have friends, go out, be at every event, but whatever you do...make sure she knows you are fully capable (and most importantly) content with ordering in Chinese food and watching a movie on a Saturday night.

3. Introduce her to your friends and family. The more parts of your life she is a part of, the more attached she will get. (assuming you have killer friends and fam) Otherwise, prolong this step for as long as possible.

4. Let her know she's the only girl in the picture, without actually having to say those words. Show her you are indifferent towards other girls.

5. Keep her on her toes. She doesn't need to know where you are at all times.

6. Give her everything that previous guys couldn't.

7. Learn the very important fine-line between being nice and too nice. No girl likes a pushover.

8. Don't let yourself go. Don't gain the relationship 15, don't stop gelling your hair, don't stop wearing cologne, and don't stop wearing stylish clothes. She'll want to show you off.

9.  Surprise her. As Old School taught us, sometimes it is a good thing to catch the early flight home from San Diego....better to know now!

10. Give her time to realize that it's always better to be with a guy who loves you just a little bit more, rather than having it be the other way around.


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