10 things you should learn in your upper twenties

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1. You can get away with so many things in your twenties that you can't in your thirties. Take advantage.

2. Your first instinct is always right. This goes for people and situations. You know when you're being cheated on, you know when your friend talks behind  your back, you know when you're not welcome somewhere... it's not a coincidence people get a weird feeling before bad things happen. You're smarter than you think. People can turn their head to anything they want, but deep down you know exactly what is going on.

3. There's a fine line between sex and dating. You know like going over and over with a thick permanent marker fine line...

4. Stop caring so much what other people think about you. But seriously. Chances are, the first thing that's on your mind is the last thing that's on theirs. They're not all talking about you like you imagine. But then again....you're so vain...you probably think this paragraph is about you. Don't you? {PS if you don't know that song you're probably too young to be reading this blog, ugh}

5. You can be friends with your ex. It's okay to be friends or friendly- it's a good sign that you've moved on and are happy. Everything happens for a reason, and all the cards were played out how they were supposed to regardless of who's to blame. And remember, there's always lots of blame to share.

6. Stop making excuses for people. It's a terrible habit.

7. Stop hating people. No one stole your boyfriend or girlfriend from you, no one tried getting you in a fight with your best friend, you may have been fired from your job for financial rather than personal reasons...it's a lot easier to give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone has as bad of intentions as  you think.

8. Don't show up empty handed. By the time you reach age 25 you should know better than to show up to any dinner, party, or gathering empty handed. Even if it's the simplest gesture such as flowers or candies, it's always nice to show your appreciation. Make sure to return favors, and make people feel appreciated.

9. It's never been more socially acceptable to be in your upper twenties and completely single.

10. It's time to start saying "no" to people. Stop spreading yourself so thin.

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