advice to give your friend, child, sister, etc. going through a breakup

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1. Don't unfollow them on instagram, block them on facebook, and talk shit about their new girl (or boy) All those things will reflect poorly on you, not them.

2. Don't make up stories in your head based off social media. I know all girls at one point or another have made up full fledged stories in their head based off "likes" or posts on social media. The hard thing is, that a lot of times those crazy, far off assumptions have been right, but it will drive you crazy. As hard as it is, do not let them sit on social media making up stories about the guy that just broke up with them.

3. Remind them that just because someone isn't blowing up their phone, sending flowers, or standing outside their porch, doesn't mean that they aren't thinking about them also.

4. Encourage them to go get dressed, go out, and start making new memories out in the world. It's not easy to get over someone sitting in your house crying about them every night. Take your friend out to dinner, the movies, to see Christmas lights, etc.

5. Any texts, emails, or phone calls you think are a great idea to send should be sat on for at least 24 hours. If you have a text ready to go, tell yourself "okay I can send this text at this time tomorrow." 99 times out 100 twenty four hours later (most of the time just a few hours later) you will literally say WTF was I thinking that I was going to send that, and you will be thrilled that you didn't. Spare yourself the embarrassment and regret by not making irrational and spur of the moment decisions.

6. Don't let them makes excuses for this person.

7. Tell them they can only talk to one or two people about this. If they spread it too far it will get back to him/her and their new significant other.

8. They need to stop talking to them regularly (at least for a period of time). What people don't realize, is by them having any sort of contact with their ex they are giving them all they need to not fully miss them. The fact that they can still get a response out of you, is enough to let them think that they still have you hanging around whenever they want you.

9. Be careful the horrible things you say about your ex when you break up. If you get back together, you may forgive them, but after these things you've let out of the bag...your dad, brother, and best friend may not...

10. Everything happens for a reason. It could take you a week, a month, or two years to see that, but there WILL 100% be a day where you finally understand why everything bad that happened did, and how it brought you to all the good things you now have in your life.


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