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Although my fiance rarely makes an appearance on Celebritized in Chicago, I think it's important to mention him every once in a while- haha. We took these pictures in September and I think they are so fun to have. We are going to do  Fall and Winter "family" shoot as well, which I will be sharing with you guys! The only thing I am going to do differently for  next time is make sure my fiance and I have some color in our face (hopefully we will get some good color on our winter trips) AND practice keeping my eyes opened more while wearing eye makeup- not something that I normally do. Although I'll probably have to majorly bribe him, this is something I want to start doing every year. I've never done it before, but I want to send out a holiday card one of these years. xx
pics c/o {here}


  1. These are really beautiful photos - did you hire a photographer or use a self timer on a camera?

  2. Hi! It was a photographer... the link to the photographer is above in the paragraph! Where it says pics c/o. Thanks glad you like them ... we look really washed out, but will change that for next time!


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