signs you're dating a rebound

tom brady and gisele

1. After a couple months you realize they are a complete stranger to you. No seriously, you don't know about the fight they got into with their best friend, and you certainly don't care about everything going on at their office. When you hug them you feel like you're hugging your great grandmother/father, and you feel as though there is an acquaintance sitting on the couch with you watching TV.

2. You initially have to be talking or seeing them at all times. Always texting, on the phone, hanging out, you are overly needly to fill a certain void. This gives them the impression that you are way more in to them than you actually are.

3. You tell them you love them in an absurd amount of time.

4. You rush to post pictures of them on social media, meet their parents, meet your parents, go on extravagant vacations just to show the world HA I'm over so and so!

5. You compare everything they do to your ex. Their clothes, the way they talk, their friends, their jobs, their third cousins best friends grandmother...

6.  You've convinced yourself that having sex with this person is better than not having it.

7. They are the perfect distraction.

8. You're extremely selfish because you know you can be. The entire relationship is on your time, your schedule, with your friends, your family, your events, etc. There's really nothing you can do to them that they won't forgive you for, and you really take advantage of that. However, you don't treat them that bad, just not how you would treat someone who was your first choice.

9. You are at times overly enthusiastic about them and determined to make this work.

10. You sometimes mistake comfort for romance.

11. You hate your ex boyfriends new girlfriend or ex girlfriends new boyfriend who is a perfectly nice person, who contrary to what you've convinced yourself, is not dating them to make you miserable.

12. You have the upper hand, because deep down, they know they are the rebound and are over compensating like crazy, and making up every excuse in the world that they can for you to convince themselves otherwise.

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