how to lose a guy in 10 days (or less)

josh murrary andi dorfman

1. Agree with everything says, laugh at everything he says, and don't challenge him whatsoever.

2. Try making him jealous.

3. Let him know just how high your expectations really are. Of course he wants to, and will provide for you in the best way he possibly can (if and when it comes to that). Having said that, no guys likes an overly high maintenance girl. Keep your money and lifestyle expectations down to earth, and let him pleasantly surprise you!

4. Overcompensate when you feel a guy slightly pulling away. In hindsight we all know this is relationship suicide, but at the time it's as though your mind goes into auto pilot and before you know it you're over texting, being weirdly sweet, asking to see him, and then you seal the deal by asking "what's wrong?" "are you okay?" "what did I do wrong?" "you can tell me if you're seeing someone else?" "is there an another girl, your ex?" The best, and really only thing you can do when someone is pulling away is let it be if you want ANY chance of recovery. After all, anything you chase in life will run.

5. You're emotional in front of him. Even if it's over a fight with your best friend, you got fired from your job, your weight, or anything else...it will frighten him. Once you have a guy hooked feel free to be your crazy, emotional self, but  at least wait until he has fallen for you to release the crazy. If you are constantly falling apart in front of him, he will think you are a disaster rather than a strong, confident girl. Complain about your problems to friends, your mom, etc. but in the beginning be sure to leave something to the imagination for your man when it comes to your emotions.

6. Not only are you not hard to get, you're actually just a little bit too easy to get. A man will never feel as though he's "won the grand prize" if the prize is just handed to him without any investment or effort on his part. Be sure to find the perfect combination of keeping him on his toes while still giving him the necessary security a man needs to continue to pursue you.

7. Talk down about other girls and constantly put them down in front of him.

8. Not that he would accept, but don't offer to split anything. Just assume he will pay for everything.

9. Use sex when you feel him slipping away or when you notice he is slightly checked out at the moment.

10. Try changing or "fixing" him.

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