10 signs you've hit your mid to late twenties

scott disick kendall jenner
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1.  You can no longer eat Mcdonald's late at night or donuts early in the morning with no trace.

2. You understand much more quickly who is right and who is wrong in almost every scenario.

3. You're always tired. Energy is now a thing of the past.

4. You've lost a ton of friends, but gained new ones.

5. The sleep lines on your face are taking longer to go away every morning.

6. You finally understand the quote "we are what we repeatedly do." Your actions now have a larger effect on everyone around you.

7. You hit a few mid twenties slumps. Everything feels exactly the same, as though life is at a stand still.

8. Being alone at times becomes relaxing.

9. You miss people more, you worry about everything, and your anxiety is at an all time high.

10. You look for (and hopefully find) a silver lining in every situation.


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