breakup season is around the corner

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Here are 10 reasons why  warm weather tends to bring heart ache and tears for some, or freedom and happiness for others..

 1. No one wants to be alone during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day). People tend to draw out a dying relationship to avoid being alone during those Holiday's.

2. Everyone hibernates for the winter. All of your friends, all of the girls, guys, whoever you're interested in...do not start coming out of their house (or apartment) until at least mid March. 

3. Everyone is content with settling during the cold harsh winters.

4. Winter is depressing enough as it is, why not be depressed and miserable with someone else. 

5. People are happier when it is warm out. They don't need a girl or guy to make them happy, and they certainly aren't going to settle for someone who is not satisfying them anymore.

6. People tend to go out more in spring and summer. This obviously leads to more and more fights between unstable couples.

7. No one has the time or energy (or desire) to repair a damaged relationship when you could be sitting on a patio having drinks with your friends. Why sit inside and fight when you could be walking your dog or drinking a beer at a cubs game?

8. You meet more new people, and see more old people that you know. In Chicago you literally can't walk to Starbucks and back without seeing 10 people you know during the summer months. 

9. You let yourself go during the winter. You gained the winter 15, your hair hasn't been highlighted in months, your eyebrows need a weed whacking before getting a typical wax, and you have some serious leg shaving to catch up on. You feel bad about yourself during the winter, so you tend to settle for less than you deserve. 

10. You have an overall different perspective on life during Spring & Summer. 

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  1. This is too funny - but all spot on!


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