warm weather mistakes

olivia palermo
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1. Chipped nails and/or toes: everyone knows this is the #1 way to look totally unkempt.

2. Accumulating more sun damage: at this point there is no more laying out to get tan. For color we use sprays, and when we are out in the sun we need to always load up on the SPF. After knowing the health effects and complications that can come for the real sun...it's just not worth it!

3. Too dark of hair 

4. Not using moisturizer on a daily basis 

5. Wearing clothes with too much material or that do not compliment your body properly (making yourself look bigger than you really are) 

6. Letting the heat exhaust you and take away from your sex drive. 

7. Over drinking and gaining the summer 15...

8. Spending too little time with your family

9. Too thick/dark of everybrows...lighten up for the spring/summer! Next time you get a wax tell her to trim.

10. Date people you don't actually give a f*&$ about. Sometimes the warm weather, nice beaches, available ice cream stand, beautiful city, long walks, etc. tricks us into thinking we like someone/spending time with them...when in reality, you're just a happy person...because, well, who isn't in Spring! No one wants to do those things alone, but don't settle just because activities are more enjoyable when the weather gets warm. 


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