11 qualities your dream girl will have

kaitlyn britt bachelorette
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1. She's passionate. About her job, her dog, her family, a sport, a hobby, etc. Guys are drawn to girls who are passionate and successful. 

2. She's assertive. She'll tell you what's up at all times, and has an opinion on absolutely everything. Hey, if you don't stand for anything you fall for everything right? One of the biggest turn offs for men are passive girls. "We can eat wherever you want", "We can see whatever movie you want", "we can go out with your friends every night" "we can do every holiday with your family", etc. is something that will eventually send most men running for the hills. 

3. She doesn't smother you. She has her own life outside of you, and you have your own life outside of her. You guys are able to go out separately, but are always extremely happy to come home to each other. 

4. She has a lot of self confidence. 

5. Someone who doesn't give you ultimatums. She lets you make horrible decisions all by yourself. But seriously... she will never be caught saying if you don't propose by this time, or if we don't move in together by that time..

6. She respects you. She isn't constantly nagging or talking down to you. She makes you feel good about yourself and builds up your self-esteem. 

7. She doesn't take herself too seriously. She can laugh at herself, make fun of herself, and most importantly admit when she's without a doubt wrong. 

8. She takes good care of herself. Her nails and toes are always polished, she dresses nice, does her hair, waxes, shaves, grooms.. okay you get it. 

9. She is classy when she needs to be, but can get down with the best of them behind closed doors. 

10.  She's good with kids, dogs, and even takes care of you in a nurturing (yet non motherly manner). 

11. You are insanely attracted to her. 


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