10 easy ways to look your best this summer

1. Highlight your face (with your hair). Next time you get highlights ask them to make the two pieces that highlight the front of your face a drop lighter than the rest of your hair. This trend has been sweeping through hollywood with good reason. It brightens your entire face, and no one besides you and your hair dresser will be able to figure out why. See the example below (cc pinterest)

 2. Simplify your skin regime. You know how they say what you do to your skin now shows up for the next 2-4 weeks? It is so true. One day of heavy makeup can cause irritations for the next month. No matter how "non comedogenic" a product is... you're still putting SOMETHING on your face rather than leaving it bare. Try to just use concealer where you need it, instead of putting foundation or a tinted moisturizer all over. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

3. Freeze two metal spoons. That's it...you'll be perfect. Just kidding, freeze two metal spoons overnight in your freezer,  and in the morning hold them under your eyes gliding back and forth to reduce puffiness and dark coloration. You can also use this trick on any blemishes.

4. Whiten your teeth. The last time I used actual teeth whitening strips was in college and I remember HATING the taste and feel of them. They made my teeth so sensitive. Now, I brush twice a day and use hydrogen peroxide before special events to make them extra white. Dip a Q-Tip into hydrogen peroxide and swipe across your teeth. Wait 5 minutes and then brush them. Boom.

5. Toner. This is almost an instant fix to all skin problems- why? Because toner balances out the pH levels of your skin.  When the pH levels are off...that's when problems occur. Toner also shrinks pores, refreshes skin, and moisturizes. Boys.. you can use this too! My favorite toners are below.

6. Take Multivitamins. This one is a no brainer. The healthier you are internally, the better you will look externally. Everything going on inside effects your appearance - all the way from your skin to your figure. Ask your doctor for the best multivitamin for you but I love the Women's One A Day + Fish Oil pills for hair and skin!

7. Fake a tan. Lets put it this way...unless you are doing something very wrong, it's hard to find someone that looks worse with a tan. Since the suns harmful rays are not an option anymore, book an organic glow. If you're in Chicago try Glamour Girl Airbursh Tan.

8. Drink an excessive amount of water. No, literally...walk around with a water bottle in your hand at all times. Not only will hydrating internally make you glow, but it will promote weight loss, flush out toxins, improves your complexion, and boosts your immune system.

9. Add a "bonus" workout at least 3x time a week to your normal routine. I couldn't think of a name for this but basically what I mean is a workout that doesn't actually feel like a workout. On top of your regular fitness routine try to add in a long walk with your dog, a bike ride, a dance class, etc. Keep track of all those extra calories you've burned and cash them in next time you want to splurge on dessert or have a few sugary cocktails.

10. Thin out your brows (a little bit) Just enough to make you look like you got a mini facelift. If you're in Chicago visit The Brow Boss for the perfect arch + shape (she does brows tints too) http://www.thebrowbosschicago.com/



PS... I am going to start doing articles again on my blog so comment on my last instagram post what topics you'd like me to start covering. (dating advice, relationship advice, beauty, skin, hair, workout, health, cooking... you name it!)


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