The last month, I have been extremely focused on decorating my apartment to make it feel more "homey".  My 'LeBox' by Luxe Bloom (a Chicago based company) is the perfect addition to my coffee table. These gorgeous rose arrangments last up to 60 days with no water + no maintenance. Now those are my kind of flowers...

These flowers started off in luxury hotels + businesses and are now available for you guys to purchase your very own! You can use code byShanna for 10% off if you purchase by 10/31! Here's what you need to know..

You can choose from over 10 rose colors for LeBox: Blush Pink, Bridal Peach, Coral, Crimson, Lemon, Chiffon, Mint Julep, Plum, Royal Purple, Sangria or Tangerine. Each box has 9 lasting luxury roses, and each arrangment comes in a 6" x 6" beautiful black and gold hand-made linen box. They make amazing gifts for others or yourself! Check out the website www.luxebloom.com and don't forget to use exclusive code byShanna for 10% off your order!


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